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Maria is a 17-year-old, unwed mother. Her daughter, Crystal, is 4 months old. Maria and Crystal are uninsured. She brought Crystal to PediPlace for her well-baby check-up, to take advantage of PediPlace’s “Healthy Babies Program.” During the visit, Maria mentioned to the Nurse Practitioner that she had dropped out of school after having Crystal, and that she couldn’t work or study from home because she didn’t own a computer.  The Nurse Practitioner contacted a PediPlace volunteer who fixes and refurbishes computers, and then donates them to senior citizens and others in need.  The volunteer was happy to donate a refurbished computer to Maria.  He delivered it to her home and set it up for her to use.  Now, Maria can finish school online, and find a job.  Our volunteers are AMAZING!!

Foster Care Family

A grandmother came to PediPlace overwhelmed.  She is now raising her 3 young grandchildren, ages 4, 5, and 6. The foster care system placed them with her because their mother is a drug addict who is now serving jail time, and because their father is not in their lives.  She brought the children to PediPlace because we are a foster care Medicaid insurance provider. The children all suffer from ADD/ADHD, as well as other behavioral and health issues.

Since uninsured and under-insured children seldom receive care, their illnesses are more acute than they would be if they had access to private pediatric services. That often requires specialty care, which PediPlace offers through our extensive referral network. The network allows children access to orthopedic, pulmonary, cardiac, and neurological care. Our service as patients’ medical home allows for continuity of care, without duplication of services.


Karen is an uninsured, a 14-year-old girl. She came to PediPlace for a sick visit. She had swollen lymph glands, and a severe infection under both of her armpits. The diagnosis was severe folliculitis.  Due to a lack of money, the girl had been using the same disposable razor — one she shared with other family members — for over 6 months, which led to the infection. The Nurse Practitioner was able to give Karen antibiotics, shaving gel, and a package of new razors to use.  When an uninsured patient does not have the financial resources for lab testing, prescription drugs, or even personal hygiene products, the Family Care Fund can be of great assistance.  Thanks to the “Family Care Fund”, Karen can heal, and she can know that PediPlace is there to assist her in times of need, and will provide the very best access to pediatric healthcare.

Bethesda Clinic, Tyler

A blessed man…

Rick Gibbons considers himself a blessed man, and he counts off his blessings in order:  1. A wonderful wife, 2. A loving home, and 3. Bethesda Health Clinic.Rick Gibbons photo (2)

As a church janitor, Rick works hard, and he loves his job.  When he started losing weight, he thought it was because of the long hours of manual labor he puts in every day.  But he didn’t feel well – ever.  A visit to Bethesda resulted in a quick-yet-unexpected diagnosis of diabetes.  With regular visits to the clinic, careful monitoring of his blood sugar and consistency in taking his medicines, Rick feels much better physically.  He also feels much better spiritually.

“Without Bethesda Health Clinic, I don’t know where I’d be,” Rick asserts.  “At Bethesda, they talk to you, and they listen.  They want to know the details.  They care about you physically, but they also care about you mentally and spiritually.  They will work with you, no matter what.”

On one of his routine clinic visits, Rick saw a notice for “The Healing Arts”, an exhibit at the Tyler Museum of Art, to which Bethesda Health Clinic patients were invited to submit their artwork.  “I saw Dr. Ridenour that day,” remembers Rick. “He asked me if he and his nurse could pray with me.  We bowed our heads. While they were praying, this image came to me, of Jesus with his arms around Bethesda.   I saw clearly that the Lord was watching over everyone and everything that happened in the clinic.”

The artwork Rick created after seeing his vision was chosen for the exhibit. Rick, who has been an amateur artist all his life, checked an item off his bucket list. “A piece of my art in a real art museum exhibit!  How great is that?”   Recounting the experience three years later, Rick still beams.  “Some of the smallest things can give you the biggest boost of confidence,” he offers.

It is a source of pride to Rick that Bethesda is not a free clinic, and he is happy that he can do his part by paying an affordable sliding scale fee for the care he receives.  “I make a modest living,” says Rick, “and it’s right that I pay for Bethesda’s services.”

What does Rick want supporters of Bethesda to know?  “This is the best investment you could possibly make,” he asserts.  “Lives are changed here because the Lord is in this, and having the Lord in this is important.  I believe He will prosper the clinic.  He will lead the clinic in the direction it needs to go.  We just have to have a lot of faith and a lot of hope.”

Yes, Rick Gibbons is a blessed man.  Blessed by his family, his faith and his connection to Bethesda Health Clinic.