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Texas charitable clinics provide invaluable services to the uninsured and underinsured, across the state. They follow the tradition of the “Good Samaritan” by helping those who are unable to pay for treatment at private clinics, while providing the same quality of care.

However, charitable clinics face many challenges to stay open. They are staffed by volunteers, and they operate on shoestring budgets. That makes the TXACC a lifeline for its member clinics. It is vital to their maintenance and well-being.

TXACC member clinics, 70 in all, provide nearly 400,000 patient visits per year. Your tax-deductible donation to the TXACC keeps the organization operating, which in turn helps its member clinics to stay informed, educated and supported through constant changes in technology, medicine, legislation, and other factors that the clinics would find nearly impossible to manage on their own.

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